Happy Tails!

Here are only a few of the animals that came to our shelter abandoned, as strays, from owners moving, being saved from kill shelters, hoarder cases, and just not being wanted anymore.

These are their new beginnings. Their second chances.


Angel, first a stray at our shelter for over a year, now living the good life. She no longer has to dream about her forever home!

The past two years have been both difficult and so very VERY rewarding for us here. Difficult because we were not able to help every animal we received calls about, but rewarding because of the ones we DID help, and we helped many. A bunch of you have commented on the string of “Long-Timers” that have gone home recently, and that’s exactly what I mean. These dogs that end up in this folder did not ask for whatever happened to them, to be dumped as strays or be taken from their homes because of a mistake their human made. It was the hand that was dealt to them by humans, and we are honored to be the humans that turn that hand around.

Many of you are new to our page over this past year, so we want to introduce you to two of dogs that have been adopted from our shelter as “Long Timers.” It sounds intimidating, adopting a dog with that kind of label, right? It’s really not. It just means these dogs were waiting for the perfect family to come along, the family they felt that connection with that everyone desires. These dogs waited for the families that felt like home.

Chessie was the first dog to ever be adopted from our shelter as a “Long Timer.” Tom-Girl Chessie was a rough and tumble dog that knew what she wanted and when she wanted it, which didn’t exactly go over well as she looked for a new home. Chessie was found as a stray, and-little did we know-had a litter of puppies growing inside her. She started showing her condition, and a short time later, a bunch of little “Chessies” were born! We helped Chessie take care of these little pups until they were ready for their own homes, but poor mom was left to wait. She finally found a home after one year with us, but the family was not as prepared as they thought for this strong-willed girl. Chessie came back, and she waited some more. This time, though, our Board President Marlene Freehill took an interest in Chessie, and through the recommendation of Behavior Consultant Rebecca Lawson, decided she would focus her time and energy on making this girl the best dog she could be. She came almost every day to walk and spend time with Chessie, and eventually she and her husband Robert decided to give Chessie a chance in their home.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Chessie just could not share Robert with their other dog Samuel, and the decision was made to find somewhere else for this girl. She went to live at a dog training school where she would be trained as a detection dog, but this girl’s luck ran out again. Hurricane Sandy hit, destroying much of the facility and forcing them to downsize their numbers so they could move the facility to another location while repairs were being made. So, Chessie came back to us again and waited a few more months before her time finally came.

Her new family saw her on Facebook one day, and were unfazed by what they read. Jake Soules and Amber Hadden came to the shelter four times to spend time with her before finally adopting her on visit number five, and Chessie has had her Happily Ever After ever since.

Now, to a more recent adoption, Priscilla the pointer mix came to MHS in March of 2012 when her owner was arrested, leaving her with no one to care for her. She was taken from her home by strangers after seeing her owner taken away, and then she was brought to the shelter.

Priscilla was a nervous, aloof dog for a while. That is, until our Canine Behavior Consultant Rebecca started working with her. Priscilla was never adopted in the two and a half years she spent with us, but she soon attached herself to Rebecca like no one else at the shelter. They worked on her obedience, patience, and leash walking. They went hiking, swimming (well, Priscilla did!), and took frequent trips to Petco, Gander Mountain, and Family Farm Ice Cream to let people know Priscilla was looking for a home! Priscilla had inquiries every now and then, but no one ever followed through for this poor girl.

Just this month, someone did.

Priscilla was at Petco with our adoption team when another couple asked about her. They spoke with Rebecca, spent some time with Priscilla and their dog, and then left to come back the following day to spend some one-on-one time with this girl. All of us had our fingers crossed that they would, and–FINALLY–a family came through! They came back and spent time with her, spoke with Rebecca some more about Priscilla, and the date was set. That Friday, Priscilla was to be adopted. After two and a half years, Priscilla was to be free.

The days between were full of pins and needles, prayers, and crossed fingers. Friday finally came… and so did Priscilla’s new home.

After waiting for two and a half years, both of these girls found their forever homes. Describing the feeling we have when dogs like Chessie and Priscilla finally leave for good is basically impossible, but that very feeling is what we strive for with every dog, even if they haven’t been at the shelter long. They are why we do what we do. These stories make the tough days a little more bearable because they remind us of our mission: to help the helpless and home the homeless. This is what you are supporting when you support our shelter, and we couldn’t do what we do without all of you. Even if you feel your help couldn’t really do much, know that it does. Look at these happy families and know that you had a hand in making these things possible. No help is too small, and we hope you will continue to help, to donate, spread the word about our animals, volunteer at the shelter or at our events. Even if it’s not our shelter you help, know that your involvement matters to each and every animal looking for a home. We don’t say thank you enough to really get across how much all of you mean to us and our cause, but we’ll certainly try! So, once again, THANK YOU!


Glynda (now Katie) was found as a stray with horrific injuries that led to the amputation of her rear leg and her tail.

It was touch and go for this girl for a while, but she pulled through and got adopted!



Akira came in as an owner surrender and hated walking on anything but blacktop or carpeting.

She soon lived in our office on throw rugs, yoga mats, and bathroom rugs until we slowly took them away.

This girl was adopted to a family who had dealt with this fear before, and she is a very happy girl!


Shady Lady came in as a stray with her kittens that were all adopted.

Shady became the first cat to ever spend more than a year in our shelter, but she felt the effects of her stay. Her stress level caused her to be less than friendly here, but one wonderful family gave her a chance.

Here is the REAL Shady. Happy Shady!



Bruce came in as a stray with no family to call his own.

He was only here for a few months, luckily, before he found a new home.

We couldn’t be happier for him and his family!



Pandora came from an abandonment case. She was left to fend for herself by her family until she was brought to us by animal control.

She is a quiet 7-year-old cat, so finding her a home was not as easy as with younger cats.

After 9 months, she finally found her forever home!


Please look through our adoptable pets here and help them get their happy endings, too!